A Confluence of Minds on Maui: The Entrepreneurs’ Organization 30th Anniversary Event

In the ever-changing world of entrepreneurship, connections can make the difference between success and failure, between a good idea and a transformative one.

One such remarkable connection was forged at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s 30th Anniversary Ohana Event held on Maui, a celebration marked by the presence of over 200 enthusiastic EO members representing 14 distinct chapters, including from as far as Japan.

The Chairperson behind this event was none other than the renowned entrepreneur and innovator, Kalika Yap. The four-day retreat was ceremoniously inaugurated by Mayor Alan Arakawa, a staunch supporter of entrepreneurship and its potential to effect substantial change within communities. His warm welcome and insightful words set the stage for what was to be an unforgettable evening.

The Mayor’s talk highlighted the shared belief in the power of entrepreneurship and its potential to revolutionize communities, industries, and even the world at large.

Events like the EO’s 30th Anniversary, provide a platform for entrepreneurs to not just showcase their achievements but also build stronger relationships, partnerships and cultivate an environment conducive to innovation and growth.

See the video recap of the EO 30th Anniversary Ohana event here: