About Brand Time

About Brand Time

The other day an aspiring women entrepreneur asked me how to set up a business and a brand.

I quickly wrote down a few steps for her and want to share them with you as well!

Isn’t it about brand time?

How to Set Up a Business & Brand

Finalize your service (example: consulting) or product (example: digital course)
Finalize Pricing
Finalize who you will sell it to

Brainstorm brand name
Finalize name
Check if the name is available
Buy a domain name (URL)

Set up an LLC
Link to corporate.com

Set up a bank checking account
Set up a merchant account
Set up a credit card for business
Establish credit

Trademark brand name
My attorney is Bennet Kelly of the Internet Law Center

Set up brand/brand strategy
Add a link to purchase the Brand Style PDF

Set up web hosting
Set up a website (hire someone professional do not do it yourself)
Take professional photos
Write content
Add a link to purchase the Content Planner PDF

Find dates and times in your schedule to take on clients

Set up Calendly to set up appointments
Add Calendly to the website for discovery calls
See Kalika.com as an example

Launch website

Sell your product to one person and continuously improve your product

Set up social media accounts using the same brand name username on all accounts

Set up LinkedIn, IG, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest
Set up MailChimp.
Send Email newsletter content weekly
Build your email list

Sales & Marketing

Sell product / consulting service by:

1. Word of Mouth
2. Establish yourself as a thought leader in the media and social media
3. Creating sales funnels to convert clients
4. Search engine optimization

Record short-form video content
Post 3-5 times a day on TikTok
Post 3-times a day on IG
Write a press release and launch it on PR Newswire

Set up the software to post your content on multiple accounts.
I use loomly.com Later.com or Planoly

Plan and create a digital course for aspiring business owners
Launch and market digital course
Add a link to purchase the launch planner PDF

Create a podcast one sheet so you can be featured on other people’s podcasts.

If you’re interested in diving deep into your new business, pls feel free to reach out to me!

Check out my Entrepreneur Coaching page!

All my best,
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