Activate Your Freedom

Activate Your Freedom

There’s a new moon starting on Jan 31st (my birthday!)

My friend Tara Founder of Golden Heart Rising who’s really into this kind of stuff says the new moon in Aquarius offers a time for all of us to think differently.

Do you believe the universe is always against you?

Think again.

Are you habitually waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Free your mind.

The New Moon gives you time to challenge old ways of being and start believing that the highest good is always unfolding for you and others.

It’s time to create your own reality and free yourself from the past.

Wishing you freedom!

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amanda ma

Happy Birthday! to my dear friend Amanda Ma.
She has the same birthday as me! Jan 31st!

Amanda is an Entrepreneurs’ Organization entrepreneur and the Founder of Innovate Marketing She does experience/event marketing for huge companies, you know, like TikTok!

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Free Your Mind

What if I told you freedom isn’t a destination, not an idea or ideal or dream?

It is ours, at this moment, living within each of our breaths.

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Moon Manifestation Program

golden heart rising

Check out Tara’s Moon Manifestation Program. I signed up for six months self-guided program to reflect and manifest!