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Addition by Subtraction

In the 1970s, a movement began in Japan.

Companies began proactively removing every type of inefficiency and waste during their production process. This focus on prolific productivity came to be known as “lean production”.

Companies redesign workspaces to reduce wasted motion. They’d subtract any type of friction so employees could work consistently faster and longer with fewer mistakes that became part of lean production.

As they subtracted, they added — straight to their bottom line.

Relentless reflection led to systemizing and revolutionizing not only their work output but their revenue.

Ask yourself:

– What can you subtract from your process to make your company stronger?

– Do you need to remove people from your team to make your team better overall?

– Do you need to clear clutter to make your space more conducive to productivity?

– Can you eliminate steps, clicks, steps to the absolute minimum?

Prime your environment and watch your productivity grow!

“The soul grows by subtraction, not addition.”


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