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A Question of Time

As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time wondering what the future holds for us — whether we’ll know success, whether we’ll reach our goals.

What if . . . the future is ours to create?

What if . . . chance, luck, and opportunity play no part at all?

What if . . . it’s only a question of time before we see our dreams align with reality?

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We’ve been led to believe that success is bestowed upon the lucky few and that finding our way is about being granted access.

The reality is — trailblazers struggle against all odds.

They can transform an idea into reality even when it doesn’t seem possible.

Ask any impact maker, record-breaker, world changer how they do it.

They’ll tell you that building the future isn’t about fortune smiling upon you.

It’s about asking yourself:

“As an entrepreneur how hard are you willing to work?”

As an entrepreneur, you know the power an idea has to change the world.

But sometimes we get caught up in head games.

We talk ourselves out of the game before we get in the game.

We forget that each step, each action in the direction of our dreams helps build the future we imagine.

So stop hating, hesitating, hijacking yourself, and start doing, striving, reaching.

Solve the problems that hold back society and create the answers that become our history.

Transforming ideas into reality isn’t about chance, luck or opportunity.

It’s about holding tight to what you believe, putting in more work than anyone else, believing in yourself and creating the future you imagine.

The truth is that you can transform your ideas into reality – even when it doesn’t seem possible.

Start creating the future you imagine.

Don’t just wonder about the future. Create it. It’s about time.

” It is hard to fail but it’s worse to never tried to succeed.”


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