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Back to Basics

In 2022, one of my goals is to get really good at the tools I use every single day.

Shaving off a few minutes using a shortcut every day —  can save your hours/days in your year.

Your efficiency will rise and to can focus your time on more creative work, rather than mundane tasks.

Here are a few ideas:

Prepare email template snippets that you can easily cut and paste into an email and create shortcut keys for them!

Create shortcut keys for your email (which you use every day!) I use a shortcut key “ky” (my initials) for my email address and for client names that are super long.

I use slack – so I’ve been watching videos and tutorials to find out the right way to use slack.

I’ll also be diving more into these platforms I use every day:

  • What do you do to save time?
  • What does going back to the basics mean for you?

Focus on the basics and watch your productivity soar!

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Back to Basics

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