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What’s a brand?

. . .a logo?

. . .some colors?

. . .a few fonts?


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In the immortal words of brand Marty Neumeier . . .

“A brand is a customer’s
GUT FEELING about a product,
It’s what they say it is.”

How do we tap into where that feeling is formed?

Before I answer that, let’s back up and understand how we got here.

Branding Through The Years
Customers used to buy based on features and benefits.

1875: Features (what it has)
1925: Benefits (what it does)
1975: Experience (how it makes people feel)

NOW: Customers want meaning, belonging, control

The internet changed everything. Gone are the days when you could walk into a store, only two products, if it did what you needed, great.

Today, customers can choose from thousands of products and a click of a button.

Customers can get anything, from anywhere, at any time. They’re in the driver’s seat.

Customers are the boss.

So, with all this choice, how do we get them to choose us? How do we tap into the feeling?

With little time and so many options (with essentially the same features), people tend to base their buying choices on trust.

How do we gain TRUST?

We have to tap into where that gut feeling is formed.

One way to do build trust and brand recognition is to be CONSISTENT in your branding.

A touchpoint is any opportunity your audience has to come into contact with and experience your brand.

Your message needs to be consistent throughout every touchpoint, all channels, to build brand awareness.

Touchpoints can be general or personal, shallow or deep.

For ideas on touchpoints, you can download the Top 20 Touchpoints here.

Start thinking about how you can engage, relate, and delight. It’s fun!

How do you build trust with your clients? Do share!

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People will forget what you said or what you
did, but they will never forget how you made them FEEL.


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