Choosing sides

Choosing sides

How was your week?

What did you choose to do this week?

Did you do anything different than last week?

We make choices every single day.

“What you choose today will determine who you are tomorrow.”
― Tim Fargo

And at the end of our day, at the end of our week, at the end of our year, at the end of our life, our choices are the sum of our life.

What will you choose today?

The first choice?

Choose to be on your side.

We all have the power to choose, we all have the power to be on our side.

How do you choose to be on your side?

The first step is to advocate for life opportunities instead of letting them pass you by.

Opportunities are everywhere. 

To take a hold of life’s opportunities you’ll need optimism and determination.

Optimism shows us we’re worthy of the opportunity.

Determination will keep us disciplined to reach the opportunity

What’s the future that you’re optimistic about?

What’s the future that you’re determined to own?

All of us.

Every single one of us has an opportunity

And it’s knocking at your heart.

Decide to choose your own future.

I’m on your side.

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“You are the only one in charge of your destiny.”
– Nikki Banas


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Trusting the Gold: Uncovering Your Natural Goodness

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“Unfair things may happen to you, unfortunate times may come to you, but you always get to choose how you respond.”
– Nikki Banas

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“Not a single person can choose the cards they receive, but everyone chooses how they play their cards.”
– Nikki Banas