Crushing Goals with Ease

It’s not what you do it’s how you do it.

That’s a lesson my dad taught me when I was growing up.

As a student, I was always driven to succeed, whether it was gunning for straight As, cleaning the kitchen, redesigning the huge bulletin board in my bedroom, styling my outfits, or volunteering in the community, my perfectionism often got the best of me. Just thinking about all the activities I did was exhausting.

If things weren’t just right I would panic and make everyone around me equally overwhelmed as well.

Fast forward to my 20s, I discovered the definition of success and that the most successful people succeed with EASE.

According to Dr. Maria Nemeth,

“Success is doing what you said you would do CONSISTENTLY with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.”

Ease is taking small sweet steps toward what is important to you. When you work hard with ease, you go further toward your dreams — but with a bit of elegance, instead of a struggle!

Ease means doing things gently.

The opposite of ease is not hard work (which is what I thought).

The opposite of Ease is Struggle (more about that later).

You can work hard with ease if you prepare.

For example, when I was training for my very first NYC marathon, I learned how to deliberately practice for Race Day every day.

I joined the NYC Running Club and enrolled my friends to join me in races at Central Park (Turkey Trot, New Year’s Eve Races, you name it I did it!)

Each run took me a little further and a little further. I made new running buddies, charted my progress, took rest days, and happily ate cinnamon raisin bagels after long runs.

Training was fun!

When I crossed the finish line after 26.2 miles I was jubilant.

Overall, I’ve finished seven full marathons and about a dozen half marathons.

To have true success and consistently reach your goals you still work hard, but you’re not struggling.

Struggle happens in two ways.

#1 You’re sitting on the sidelines of your hero’s journey, your hero’s path, waiting one day until it’s the right moment before you take action while your gifts lay dormant.

You look back when you’re 80 and wished you dusted off your gifts and did something with it.

#2 The next form of struggle is knowing that you didn’t prepare for the event and so, to take the marathon example once again, you didn’t practice, and so you run, but by the end, you’re exhausted and, or well, possibly hurt.

You know it’s going to take your body a lot of time to catch up because you pushed yourself, you drove, you just became driven.

The bottom line is: Success can be easier. Success can be enjoyed sweetly.

You can crush your goals with ease. Just knowing it IS possible to have an easier life is the first step.

What goals are you slaying with ease? Do share! I’d love to hear from you!

You’re doing just GREAT!


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