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Day & Night

What does a day and night in the life of an entrepreneur look like?

Here’s mine!

4:45 am

  • Wake up
  • Take my puppy Mochi out

5:00 am

5:15 am
Meditate up to 30 min

  • Silva Method / MindValley
  • Insight Timer / Sarah Blondin
  • Medigraytion
  • Sam Harris

6:00 am – Peloton

If you don’t have a Peloton yet, you can enter my referral code: DUURZ8 during Bike purchase, and get $100 towards bike accessories.

  • 60 min class (cycling)
  • 45 min class (arms + cycling)

I also love the AARMY app and take classes from Angela Davis

While on the bike I also:

  1. listen to news NY Times, WSJ, Washington Post, Audio books
  2. Brainstorm time – ideas for social media posts, my weekly newsletter
  3. Plan to do list
  4. Set my alarms/reminders so I don’t forget my calls. Sometimes I get in a zone and forget about my meetings!

“Fake Commute” #1
8am – walk 2 1/2 miles in my neighborhood

Listen to audible book

I’m currently listening to
The 48 Laws of Power

9:00 am

10:08 am – Team Daily Huddle

10:30 am – 5pm

“Fake Commute” #2
If there’s time I’ll squeeze in another 2 1/2 mile walk

6:30 pm

  • Family Dinner

7:30 pm

  • Clean up dishes
  • Peloton

8:00 pm

  • Work on side projects like digital course
  • Coaching clients in different time zones.
  • Toastmasters
  • Harvard Westlake Entrepreneur Moms Club meeting.
  • Review tomorrow’s schedule
    My assistant texts my schedule so I can review

10:00 pm

  • Get Ready for bed
  • Warm tea Moringa
  • Journal
  • Evening meditation

– Medigraytion
– Silva Method
– Science of Life and Mind

10:30 pm

  • Sleep

What does a typical day and night in your life look like? Do share!

I’d love to know how you spend your days and nights!

Have you changed your behavior as the nation is opening up?

I’d love to hear from you!

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“We are what we repeatedly do.


The Universe in Me

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