Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Do Something

In May we will be celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Month.

As a proud Asian American Pacific Islander serial entrepreneur, I am so thrilled to be part of the Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Task Force for AAPI Los Angeles.

I was spurred into action this time last year after a racial interaction with a neighbor Maryam Zar a journalist and potential political candidate) who was preparing to run for State Assembly.

In short, Maryam Zar asked me if I knew how to speak English because I didn’t respond after she was screaming at the top of her lungs at me over a petty parking situation in the Pacific Palisades. You can read more about this in the article here.

While unfortunate, I am glad it happened to me. . . rather than to someone who was on the brink of a mental health breakdown or someone who would have taken that anger and redirected it to their young kids.

I have at the very least, a small, yet significant entrepreneur platform and connections to the Mayor’s Office to do something.

I will be at City Hall next May 3rd as we commemorate AAPI Los Angeles Day. I will be standing shoulder to shoulder with the Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Council Member John Lee and Capri Maddox Executive Director of the Los Angeles Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department (LA Civil Rights) (coincidentally: Maryam Zar’s former boss) as we bring a focus to the AAPI community and a call for understanding and unity.

When you have the ability to do something in and for your community, I encourage you to take the first step.

Bridge belonging.

Speak up.

Find your voice.

Don’t suffer in silence.

Move the gap towards greater understanding, which will, in turn, lead to unity and healing.

Because guess what?

We ALL deserve to live and flourish in America.

And don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

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Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.
― Ruth Bader Ginsberg


Today, April 29th marks the 30th-Anniversary of the 1992 LA Uprising or SAIGU.

Korean Americans mark significant events by the date. Just, as we remember 9/11,  SAIGU directly translates to 4.29 the start date of the civil unrest.

Listen in as I interviewed Hyepin Im of FACE (Faith and Community Empowerment) LAReverend Dr Mark E. Whitlock, Jr. and activist Najee Ali to discuss race relations and the 30th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots.

Podcast Saigu: Remembering the '92 riots
Podcast Branding with Maryam Zar

Responding to Asian Hate Has Empowered a Community

In this podcast, I talk about branding and share my experience with Maryam Zar. We also discuss how food raises awareness and why it’s important to raise your voice and stand up against anti-Asian sentiment.

Why We Created AAPI LA

Why we Created AAPI LA

My interview with Mayor Eric Garcetti.
Mayor Eric Garcetti talks to the AAPI LA advisory board and task force members about the importance of eliminating biases and advancing inclusivity efforts for communities of color.

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