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Flattening the Nerve

I’m not usually one to freak out but I’m probably (like you) worried about the coronavirus pandemic.

It doesn’t help that it’s been a torrential downpour here in Los Angeles and that I witnessed a pedestrian crossing on Wilshire and Westwood being hit by a car — smashing the windshield, flipping in the air and landing on his back. (He’s apparently okay!)

I am, however, not going to let the panic stop me!

I’m building out a video production studio in my home so if I’m quarantined I’ll still have a way to share content to all you amazing entrepreneurs out there!

I’m rejiggering my book launch for the little brand book and making it a virtual live event instead! Hope you can all join me!

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I’m so inspired by the many entrepreneurs who are reaching out and helping others in this time of crisis!

If there’s anything you need help with please reach out to me so I can see how I can help.

I’m the meantime, whether you’re quarantined or pursuing the world with full abandon, please feel free to check out my article on the Joyful Pursuit of Imperfection.

May you be safe, may life be kind to you and your family. May you avoid the world’s worst atrocities.


“Life is tough my darling, But so are you.”


Wabi sabi – The Joyful Pursuit of Imperfection

One of the things I see holding women back is their pursuit of perfection.

Perfection is an invisible wall that keep us from getting out and doing.

Wabi sabi is a Japanese concept that shows us that the beauty of the fleeting unchangeable and imperfect nature of the world is all around us.

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“Falling down is part of life. Getting up is living.”


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