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Great & Full

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is that inexplicable feeling in your body that embodies the words joy, humility, and reverence all at once.

Did you know that scientists love gratitude?


Well, because gratitude is transformational. It can make you smarter and have a better memory!

In a 2008 study, subjects experiencing gratitude were placed under an fMRI – you know, the machines that can study your brain.

They found that gratitude influences the hypothalamus – that small yet mighty part of your brain that directly includes sleep, eating, stress.

When you feel gratitude in your bones, it stimulates that part of the brain associated with the neurotransmitter dopamine – the “feel-good” hormone that is associated with pleasurable sensations, along with building new pathways of learning and memory, two tools that humans need to build resilience.

To do this, we need to consistently focus on what’s good in our life for it to make a difference, and as humans, that’s one of our greatest abilities

We have the ability to focus our minds on whatever we choose. 

If you aren’t a monk or haven’t gone through Zen training. . the best way you can do this is to contemplate on three things that you’re grateful for when you rise and right before you go to bed.

If you want to build resilience, be perfectly calm, and still on the inside, so you can handle anything, you don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving to do that.

Start and end with gratitude every single day.

I’m personally grateful for you. You make my life better by just being you.

Big thank you for responding to my questions and for just saying hi.

May this Thanksgiving be the catalyst for you to start training your brain to focus on the good.

There’s so much out there that is great and full. Go get it!

In gratitude and awe,

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“May you approach
each new morning
with gratitude for
another day to pursue
the new beginning
that is calling you.

— Morgan Harper Nichols

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“May you approach
this season with
gratitude and a
deeply rooted hope
that every day
will teach you
something that is
an integral part
of your growth.

— Morgan Harper Nichols