Happy Lunar New Year!

It’s Lunar New Year’s Eve!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

As we step into February, there’s a noticeable shift in the natural world from the restful yin of winter to the active yang of spring.

This change signals an awakening, where the stillness of winter evolves into the lively dynamics of spring, evident in the emergence of new buds and the first flowers breaking through the softening soil.

Even as the chill of winter nights persists, the warmth of sunnier days beckons us outdoors, hinting at the longer, brighter days ahead.

Spring, closely tied to the Wood element, ushers in a season of rapid transformation and growth, often unfolding in unexpected ways rather than a smooth, steady progression.

This time of transition is a perfect moment as entrepreneurs to reflect on our inherent Wood energy.

With the start of spring, or Lichun according to the Chinese lunar calendar, we enter a phase brimming with potential and new beginnings.

This year’s Lunar New Year is tomorrow on February 10 and marks the beginning of the Year of the Wood Dragon, a period rich with possibilities for personal and professional advancement, as well as for groundbreaking innovation.

The Wood Dragon, celebrated as the luckiest sign in the zodiac, brings a year of significant opportunity for entrepreneurs.

It calls on us to tap into the dragon’s traits of intelligence, leadership, and creativity, encouraging us to chase our dreams with bravery and confidence.

The Wood element further sharpens our focus and fortifying our aspirations, laying down the fertile ground for our ideas and endeavors to grow.

To synchronize with the energy of this transformative season, I encourage you to engage in the practice of mindfulness through the simple yet profound act of drinking three cups of tea in silence.

Let’s welcome this Lunar New Year of the Dragon as a catalyst for growth.

Wishing you a year of riches!


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One way you can harmonize with the energy of the season and clarify your vision is by drinking three cups of tea in silence daily.

I recently discovered the Peach of Immortality. Cimen red teas are praised for delicate notes of rose, honey, and gentle tannins. Combined with Osmanthus petals, this tea embodies the essence of efflorescence and Spring energy.

In Chinese mythology, peaches of immortality are consumed by the immortals due to their mystic virtue of conferring longevity on all who eat them. Peaches symbolizing immortality (or the wish for a long and healthy life) are a common symbol in Chinese art, depicted in many fables, paintings.

In my Ikebana class my sensei (teacher) let us work with peach blossom branches, which are now in full bloom!


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