Happy National Cookie Day! featured image

Happy National Cookie Day!

First of all, I want to great you a Happy National Cookie Day!

A few weeks ago my daughters Malia and Kailani started Conscious Kids Cookies— and today they’re delivering cookies locally and shipping nationally.

From their magical kitchen, they create delicious concoctions of sugar, flour, and butter and imbue each cookie with positive traits. The quality they want most to share is kindness – thus their most popular cookie Chocolate Chip is aptly named One Kind Cookie.

Each cookie reminds each and every one of us that we can choose to be kind in the face of adversity and be grateful despite disappointments.

To celebrate National Cookie Day why not create or try a new cookie recipe and name it a trait or quality that you find important?

We recently got a new puppy — her name is Mochi and true to entrepreneur form — the girls now want to create dog cookies!

Here’s a recipe you can try! Thank you Katina Pou for the recipe!

Mochi Puppy Cookies

One last note, the girls will be featured on KABC today and next Wednesday on their SoCal Strong segment!

Hope you catch them on TV! I’ll also share a link when it’s out!

Peace, love, and cookies,


Conscious Kids Cookies


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