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How to Podcast (10 Ideas)

You’re in lockdown, not commuting as much and have probably gained a few extra hours. . .you’ve binge watched all the shows your friends recommended on Netflix and Amazon Prime and getting restless.

If you’re more of a creator, you’re probably thinking to yourself . . .Maybe I could start a podcast.

If you’ve had that thought, and are on the fence, I would say YES! Go for it!

I’ve been the host of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Wonder Podcast since 2016 and it’s been one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve been embarked on.

Here are 10 How to Podcast tactics that you may find helpful on your journey to share your voice with the world.

Read on.

  1. Get Trained by an Expert
    Whenever I approach a problem, the first thing I like to do is arm myself with wisdom from experts. This is the class I took by Alex Blumberg. He’s a genius at telling powerful and captivating stories and best known for his award winning work with This American Life and Planet Money. He is the co-founder and CEO of the podcast network Gimlet Media.
  2. Reach Out to Friends for Advice
    Reach out to friends who’ve create podcasts to get real life tips. Having someone you can bounce ideas off and who’ll encourage you makes all the difference. I’m so thankful for my friends Jabez LeBret and Andy Seth who generously shared their time, favorite podcasts, and equipment list with me.
  3. Keep Up with the Trends
    Technology is quickly changing when I started the latest info by attending the PodFest Global Summit virtual conference!
  4. Experiment with Your Interview Style
    Zencastr is the first tool I used when I first started podcasting online. While the tool is generally easy to use, I had issues when guests logged into the software tool with spotty wifi. I then realized that the real joy I get from podcasting is meeting guests in real life, establishing a connection and making life long friendships. So I started interviewing guests in person, filming and recording at the same time.Now because of COVID I’ve been streaming the podcasts live using Ecamm.
  5. Repurpose Your Content
    Because we film and record our podcasts, it’s easy to repurpose the content for other mediums. The podcasts are repurposed into articles for Inc, videos for YouTube, and shared in Facebook live. We pull out valuable quotes for social media posts and create audio snippets for Instagram.
  6. Utilize AI
    One of the newest tools I’ve used that has completely blown my mind is Descript. The tool allows you to edit audio by editing text. It also removes ums and filler words from a recording, lets you drag and drop to add music and sound effects!
  7. Understand Hosting Platforms
    The EO Wonder Podcast is currently hosted on libsyn — that’s the tool that the EO Virtual Learning Team was using when I first joined. If I started today I would have started it on Simple Cast. That’s the tool I use at my company to launch podcasts! We also sign up for other platforms that host podcasts like Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, and Sound Cloud. You can find your potential listeners on their favorite platforms.
  8. Buy Equipment That’ll Last
    The lowest cost is never the lowest overall cost. Here’s a link to my Podcast & Video Kit.
  9. Say Thank You
    Podcast guests take time out of their busy day to help you create great content. Make sure you thank them profusely and connect them to others that can help them. Don’t forget to share when their podcast is launched. Thank them by tagging them on social media posts! One more thing, make sure to get a high-resolution headshot so you can share and promote them on social media.
  10. Free Your Voice
    It took me about six months to get over the mental blocks about doing a podcast. I’m busy running several companies, had my family, served on several boards, and also was in the middle of the Entrepreneurs Masters Program at MIT.Many of the hurdles I faced stemmed from feelings of complete overwhelm and feeling unprepared. My mind told me that I needed to know more. My heart knew I was procrastinating. After six months of research (I mean dilly-dallying), I started. I did so by agreeing to launch at the EO Global Leadership Conference in April 2017. And you know what? It wasn’t THAT bad. It gets easier!What are your favorite podcasts? Are you looking to start a podcast? Do share!

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