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I am from

Hello Boss!

I am from grace, grit and gratitude.

I am from
Florante & Ederlina Nacion
who always did what they thought was best
Scopping five kids from Quezon City
to escape marshall law
Leaving comfort and convenience
for freedom and a dream

I am from
my grandma Isabel Juan
who I met for the first time
at the Honolulu International Airport
who I fell madly in love with as she showered me with kisses on my pudgy cheeks
a white plumeria lei
a yellow crocheted dress

I am from
my Lola, who taught me how to read at three, and to make lumpia
baby bananas and a bit of sugar fried in hot oil

I am from
family potlucks, luaus, BBQs and bonfires

I am from
hula and ukulele,
Night surfing and laying on the sand in awe at the stars that stretched across the sky

I am from
salty air, Hanauma Bay lapping at my little feet, tentatively jumping off the massive rock in Waimea Bay, exhilarated by the numerous near drowning experiences as the wave pounds my brown little body cut up by the coral underneath

I am from
slipping and sliding off volcanic rock as I try to catch a wave leaving a gash on my leg that’s still there today despite all the scar cream

I am from
my childhood home
Climbing and nestling in the lychee tree, with my younger brother jar in tow peeling, and eating
sticky fingers throwing red seeds to the earth. Jumping from the roof of the house into the pool below and mortified my parents let me

Picking plumerias to make leis from the seemingly always blooming tree in our backyard
Purple bougainvillea line my walk to school

I am from
Australia where my family lived for three years as they figured out visa issues

I am from
coming back to Hawai’i with an Australian accent

I am from
bullies in seventh grade who made fun of my hand sewn clothes and weird perm from boys writing why are you so ugly in my yearbook

I am from
I’ll show you

Journeying into the most challenging part of adolescence a girl undecided who to be

I am from
what others thought I should be

I am from
big hair, 80s and 90s, hip hop and R&B
Lauryn Hill and Mariah Carey

I am from mango sticky rice
Ten cent apple pies
dipping hot fries on a vanilla cone

I am from
chow fun, almond cookies and rice cake from a food truck across the street

I am from
latch key kid
Eating Kim Chee over hot rice and
lilikoi shaved ice on special occasions

I am from
bookshelves and film projectors
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

I am from
“In the depth of winter I finally learn that within me lay an invincible summer.”

I am from “Be good.”. My dad’s mantra as he dropped me off at school

I am from
Zenith TVs and pouring over CDs with booklets filled with lyrics, finding hidden songs

I am from
VCRs and rotary phones

I am from
“always start with love”

I am from
“you’re sloppy, don’t eat with your mouth open, why can’t you do more? Be more?”

I am from
Jehovahs Witness conventions and sulking door to door. Hiding from neighbors on Halloween

I am from
accelerating and stepping on a gas pedal at 16 – and getting in an accident with my young cousins who were visiting from Queensland.

I am from
stickwithit, do your best, Henry Ford and Zig Ziglar

I am from
sunsets at Haleakala at 4am
Helicopter rides over Kauai and throwing up all over my dad who didn’t get mad

I am from Kaiser High School
to New York University

I am from Hawaii Kai trade winds,a mixed- matched swimsuit and slippahs an NYU backpack, woolly socks and layers.

From fish and poi to H&M bagels and Zabar’s cream cheese

I am from landing in La Guardia airport
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
Where there’s nothing you can’t do

I am from the Today Show, Bloomberg Business News, CNBC
Big lights that inspire you

I am from starting my first business with a used computer and an $86 dollar desk from IKEA

I am from
“immigrants we get the job done”

I am from
Luxe Link, the Waxing Co Orange & Bergamot

I am from
my warring self and
ruthless perfectionism

I am from
joy and wisdom

I am from
my husband Rodney who I knew I was going to marry the moment I met him
My husband who helps me soar

I am from
three miscarriages

I am from
Malia and Kailani my kids who keep me grounded

I am from
walking in silent meditation with monks.

I am from
“you are the creator of your life.”

I am from “you always had the power my dear.”

I am from
aloha, kokua and mahalo

I am from
grace, grit and gratitude

Where can I ask,
are you from?

“Life is what you make it.
Get up and go.”

“Where are you most living your life?”

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