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I spoke at the LBGTQ Chamber of Commerce earlier this week in celebration of Women’s History Month. Thank you Marquita! : ) She’s running for office.

One of the questions that was asked made me pause:

Do you feel that you received enough support as a woman in your role?

Voltaire said: “Judge a (wo)man by his questions rather than her/his answers.”

If I answered that question as posed, I would have given tremendous evidence that there wasn’t enough support.

  • Because in what reality is there really “enough”?
  • How do you define “enough”?”

What if we changed the question to:

“In what ways are you being supported as a woman?”
“In what ways is your community supporting you?”

Different answers, right?

As leaders and CEOs HOW we craft questions are so crucial to how our employees, clients, potential clients see.

Don’t ask: How do I get sales up?
Ask: How do I get raving fans?

Different question. Different answer.

What’s your favorite question?

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