Kalika Yap Shines as One of the 100 Most Influential Filipinas in the World

In an inspiring victory for Filipino women around the globe, multi-talented entrepreneur Kalika Yap has been recognized as one of the “100 Most Influential Filipinas in the World” by the Filipino Women’s Network. The grand ceremony, graced by the brightest of Filipino stars, took place in Toronto, Canada, celebrating the immense contributions of Filipina women to society.

Kalika’s triumph came under the “Founders & Pioneers” category, a highly prestigious recognition that honors Filipina women for their remarkable achievements as the leader, president, executive director, or founder of a company, community organization, non-profit, or business venture. This award category pays homage to trailblazers who have effectively harnessed resources, implemented innovative practices, and deployed groundbreaking technologies to significantly grow their ventures.

As a tech entrepreneur, inventor, author, and a leading advocate for female entrepreneurship, Kalika Yap’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. The dynamism she exudes in her various roles coupled with her transformative vision has earned her this prestigious accolade. She is the founder of Citrus Studios, Luxe Link, and the Orange & Bergamot, underlining her diverse experience and her knack for creating successful ventures across sectors.
This acknowledgment, beyond just individual recognition, symbolizes the determination, hard work, and trailblazing spirit that Kalika brings to her entrepreneurial endeavors. She has made significant strides in paving the way for innovative practices and technologies, enabling her ventures to stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

With her win, Kalika Yap is not just representing herself, but also the multitude of Filipina women who strive to create, innovate, and lead every single day. Her recognition is a testament to the power and influence of Filipina women in the global sphere, and it highlights the important role they play in shaping businesses, organizations, and communities around the world.

Kalika’s win in Toronto further cements her reputation as a distinguished entrepreneur and a force to be reckoned with in the world of startups and business. This accolade celebrates her impressive track record of innovation and transformation and underscores the influence that Filipino women like her wield on the global stage.

Congratulations to Kalika Yap on this well-deserved achievement, and here’s to more Filipina women being recognized for their contributions to the global community. You make us proud!

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