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Knowing your WHY in business is what is going to keep you motivated when things get difficult. Your “why” is the reason for your business’s existence in the first place.

Entrepreneurs often go at it alone, because they think that if they have a support system, they aren’t capable or courageous enough.

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Works Well with Others

Date Nov 18
If you're a leader, you need to learn how to work well with others. You need to be able to listen to tough feedback and...

The Myth of Leadership

Date Nov 12
Do me a favor. Close your eyes. Picture a leader in action. Take a moment and do it now. What did you see when you...

Everybody Chance Now

Date Nov 8
We're approaching the rapid close of 2021. . .Are you excited about the possibilities of 2022? Whenever we're on a brink of the holidays, a...

All Together Now

Date Oct 21
How do you learn best? Alone, in solitude? Amongst friends? Watching, observing? Reading? Practice?
Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress
Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

No Pressure. No Diamonds.

Date Feb 18
The assassin’s bullet shot through the dark. It missed its intended target by inches. President-Elect Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Sfumato Principle

Date Feb 11
The word Sfumato is an Italian word that means "going up in smoke" which at the heart of it, is the creative principle that spawns creativity.

Wild Mind, Disciplined Eye

Date Jan 14
January is International Creativity Month! A great time to explore your wild mind and a disciplined eye - to try something fresh with your brand.