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Knowing your WHY in business is what is going to keep you motivated when things get difficult. Your “why” is the reason for your business’s existence in the first place.

Entrepreneurs often go at it alone, because they think that if they have a support system, they aren’t capable or courageous enough.

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Group to Great

Date Sep 24
When we establish the above (and they all need to be developed in the above order), we can allow the natural, collective wisdom of any group to emerge, no...

TikTok, Ya Don’t Stop

Date Sep 10
If you haven't gotten on the short-form video marketing bandwagon, it's time to start now. TikTok is now competing with NetFlix. Why? Because the most...

The Gratitude Protocol

Date Aug 20
One of the things we learned was the Gratitude Protocol by Dr. Maria Nemeth. It's a simple practice that disrupts anxiety and teaches us how to focus...
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The Sound of Silence

Date Dec 17
I did research on silent retreats earlier in the year and in a blink, December arrived and I thought it wasn't going to happen.

The Other Side

Date Dec 3
I recently learned a new word from one of the most influential modern teachers of spirituality — Pema Chödrön. Paramitas It’s a Sanskrit word - that means actions that take...

Great & Full

Date Nov 25
Great and full. What is gratitude? Gratitude is that inexplicable feeling in your body that embodies the words joy, humility, and reverence all at once.

Works Well with Others

Date Nov 18
If you're a leader, you need to learn how to work well with others. You need to be able to listen to tough feedback and...