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Knowing your WHY in business is what is going to keep you motivated when things get difficult. Your WHY is the reason for the existence of your business in the first place.

Happy New Year

What’s on your 2022 New Year’s business resolution list?

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Oh shift

Date Sep 3
We love control. We crave it. Our brains covet it. We get a rush of dopamine when we feel like we have the power to...

Business Come Before The Brand

Date Aug 27
Your business come before the brand — there I said it. You don’t have a business if you don’t have customers. See if you can...

The Gratitude Protocol

Date Aug 20
One of the things we learned was the Gratitude Protocol by Dr. Maria Nemeth. It's a simple practice that disrupts anxiety and teaches us how to focus...

Sales & Sensibility

Date Aug 13
I'm working on a digital course around sales called Sales & Sensibility and would love to know your questions about making money in your business.
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Habits of Happy

Date Oct 15
Do you loaf? Are you a lollygagger? Would you like to transform from being a sloth to a super-achiever?

Group to Great

Date Sep 24
When we establish the above (and they all need to be developed in the above order), we can allow the natural, collective wisdom of any group to emerge, no...