As entrepreneurs we’re all about the go, Go, GO.

Celebrate your past accomplishments.


Who has time for that?

In your entrepreneurial journey, it’s important, crucial, and necessary to celebrate your individual milestones, accomplishments, and small sweet steps towards your goal.


Success is a series of small victories.

What’s one thing you’re proud of this week?
It’s time to celebrate!

Tell me about it!

I want to give you a hip hip hooray, gold star, good on ya!, virtual oh yea!, big hug.

Take a sigh of relief and smile!

You’re getting there.



Ray Dalio warns us in his new book that times have changed and we are facing a new paradigm. One of the best investors of all time and creator of the “All Weather Portfolio” warns us in his new book that times have changed and we are facing a new paradigm.

Things are humming along, and then: A top client calls and says, “We’re switching suppliers, starting next month. I’m afraid your company no longer figures into our plans.” Or three colleagues, all of whom joined the organization around the same time you did, are up for promotion—but you aren’t.


Take the Brand Boss personality test to reveal your specific archetype and how this acumen applies to your life, your relationships, your career and your company. Are you a Catalyst, Coach or Crusader? Optimist or a Woo-er? Maven or Mastermind? Poet or a Prodigy? Just like there are 12 Astrological Signs, we share the 12 Personality Archetypes and then help you drill down to unlock yours. We’ll also introduce you to female entrepreneurs who embody each particular archetype—an “InfluenceHER”—to personally share their kick-ass success stories and inspire you to unleash your talents, brains, and vision to confidently strike out on your own.