No Pressure. No Diamonds.

No Pressure. No Diamonds.

The assassin’s bullet shot through the dark.

It missed its intended target by inches.

President-Elect Franklin D. Roosevelt

Blood splattered as it hit the mayor of Chicago instead.

Despite being so close to death, Roosevelt didn’t finch.

The difference between people who succeed or fail is their ability to handle unexpected pressure.

As we celebrate President’s Day weekend, and you’re a leader, President, or a CEO —  take a moment to reflect on one of the most important traits as a leader:

How are you being when you’re under pressure?

How well do you treat family and friends close to you?

How well do you handle disappointment?

How open and willing you are to new ideas?

How consistently do you keep promises you make to yourself and others?

How quickly do you forgive?

How you are being today?

Wishing you a relaxing opportunity to just BE — on President’s Day weekend!

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The Midori Notebook

the Midori notebook

I thought that after I got a Remarkable 2 for Xmas Thanks Rodney! ❤️ that I wouldn’t buy another notebook. . whom am I kidding?

Here’s my most recent addition to my blank notebook collection: the Midori notebook! I have it in two styles, lined and blank for ideastorming!

Do you have a favorite notebook?


Marvy Uchida Bulk Buy Le Pen .03mm Point Open

Marvy Uchida Bulk Buy Le Pen .03mm Point Open

My feng shui friend Jayme Barrett, the author of Feng Shui Your Life suggested I write all my money affirmations in red for good luck.  I now write everything in red pen: my Five Minute Gratitude Journal, thank yous, reminders. . it’s in red!

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