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Wonder of Women

Merry Christmas!

I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas – but am still excited because TODAY is the release of Wonder Women 1984 on HBO Max!

I met Patty Jenkins the Director of Wonder Woman in as preschool parents at the Garden of Angel School in Santa Monica. Her son Asa and my daughter Kailani at three told us that they were going to get married inside a volcano — and no adults were allowed.

Celebrating Halloween, camping, play dates was a normal part of our days and we kept in touch — eating at a diner or chilling at the park. Patty even carved time out of her busy schedule editing this upcoming Wonder Women to be featured in the little brand book — (she’s the epitome of the leader archetype). Gal Gadot who is also featured in the book is the Heroine (of course!)

The biggest inspiration for me is how she’s stuck to her intrinsic values – turned down lucrative opportunities directing Fifty Shades of Grey or Mulan, listened to her voice to wait for the right greenlight. And oh – what a difference it’s made!

If you haven’t heard, Patty’s going to direct the new Star Wars.

I love to see friends soar!

Asa is thriving in school and her husband – Sam Sheridan is also a success — he is a best selling author and has a brand spanking new series on National Geographic!

Congratulations Patty!

Wishing you all an extraordinary holiday season curl up in front of the biggest screen you have and stream Wonder Woman 1984!

PS If you’re a planner — feel free to check out my Full Year Ahead sesh!

Cheers to 2021!

Asa and Kailani for the Wonder of Women blog post

Asa and Kailani

“Humble perseverance and the ability to observe and grow, in pursuit of making what you love and believe in. Really. THAT is the secret”
-Patty Jenkins


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“Pick the right projects and take it seriously.”
-Patty Jenkins

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“I grew up in a bit of a feminist fantasy with a single mom. I was totally shielded, from an idea that I couldn’t do something.”
-Patty Jenkins