Kalika Yap

Put a Brand On It

Do you love your company?

If so, then you should put a brand on it.

If you don’t brand, don’t get mad when your competitors get a piece of what’s yours.

Claim it.
Own it.

One way to touch the heart of your brand is to get clear on who you are! Download my Brand Style Guide today! It’s my gift to you!

If you download the PDF and find it overwhelming to do it alone, remember I’m always here to help!

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Entrepreneur Coaching

Entrepreneur Coaching

If you’re looking to get clarity on your goals or need help achieving them with ease, you may need a coach!

Download my Entrepreneur Coaching Guide to learn more!

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If you’re a creator and looking for ways to film video easily I’d highly recommend the Shift Cam bundle! I bought it recently and found it super easy to use!


Victoria Jackson is the CEO of Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, a massive global cosmetics brand with over 600 beauty products and a billion dollars in sales. Along with Ellen Degeneres, Victoria is the co-founder of  Kind Science, a skincare brand with a focus on not only being kind to your skin, but to the environment as well. She is also the founder of the Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation, which works to find a cure for neuromyelitis optica.

Listen in as Victoria shares her incredible story of perseverance, self-discovery, and personal growth.