Run Like Hell

Run Like Hell

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s take a breath and appreciate the incredible strength and perseverance of women who are making waves in the world of business. You’re part of this unstoppable force, and I want to help you keep soaring high!

I know firsthand the challenges that come with pursuing your dreams. But let me tell you, it’s all worth it in the end. That’s why I wanted to share a poem with you that’s inspired me to keep pushing forward.

It’s by the great Persian poet Hafez, and it speaks to the importance of protecting our dreams and visions from anyone who seeks to tear them down.

“Run my dear,
From anything
That may not strengthen
Your precious budding wings.

Run like hell my dear,
From anyone likely
To put a sharp knife
Into the sacred, tender vision
Of your beautiful heart.”

― Hafez

As women entrepreneurs, we face unique challenges in the biz, and we must remain vigilant in guarding our precious budding wings.

And let’s be real, in today’s world, there are all sorts of haters out there, right?

But Hafez encourages you to run like hell from anything or anyone that may hinder your growth and to guard your precious budding wings.

Run like hell and protect the sacred, tender vision of our beautiful hearts.

It’s a powerful message that resonates with me, and I hope it does with you too.

As an entrepreneur, I know that you’ve got big plans, and you’ve got what it takes to make them a reality.

Don’t let anyone hold you back!

Let’s surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who lift us up and support us.

And let’s take Hafez’s message to heart, as we continue to pursue our dreams and make our mark on the world of entrepreneurship.

Keep on hustling with heart, my dears! I know you’ve got this!


Quotes by Hafez


Yeoh’s win breaks a long and enduring streak of diversity being overlooked in lead-actor categories at the Oscars. It’s been over two decades since an actor of color won a best-actress award (that would be Halle Berry, who presented Yeoh with her award on Sunday), and Yeoh noted the lineage that had brought her to the point of receiving the highest honor in acting, saying: “I have to dedicate this to my mom, all the moms in the world, because they are really the superheroes, and without them none of us would be here tonight.