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Stop. Start. Continue. . .

Stop. Start. Continue Exercise.

One of the most useful exercises I learned when I first joined EO the Entrepreneurs’ Organization is the Stop. Start. Continue Exercise.

The Stop, Start and Continue Exercise is not only useful in your business but can be immensely helpful in your personal life as well.

If you want to try it, here are a few steps you may find useful.

Stop, Start, Continue Exercise

This practical tool helped me immensely during our Annual Strategic Summits/Retreats. By taking the time to reflect on what’s worked and what hasn’t in the past, it helps quickly align everyone to move in the same direction.

When working with teams, it’s useful to create an environment to tap into the wisdom of the group. Participation is key to getting buy-in. Once everyone is in agreement, only then can you focus on consistently doing the right things.

Materials Needed:

The goal of the exercise is to reflect on what’s working and what simply is just not. If you’re doing this exercise in a team setting you’ll need:

1. Colored sticky notes
2. Black sharpies
3. Three large white sticky poster paper with the words Stop, Start and Continue written at the top. Place them around the room.

Step # 1

Select a topic.
It can be anything from improving customer service or increasing revenue — finding happiness or improving your health.

Step #2

Write out the tasks on the appropriate colored sticky notes. (I like using green sticky notes for start, red sticky notes for stop, yellow sticky notes for continue).

Step #3

Place the sticky notes on the poster paper in the corresponding category.

Step #4

Step back, review, and discuss all the ideas. Add, delete, and move your ideas around.

Step #5

Decide which three things in each category to focus on.

Here’s an example below! I selected one of my favorite topics: Branding!


Using clip art.
Being unfocused and writing about unrelated topics that aren’t related to your business or brand.
Veering off from the brand style guide.


Setting up photos and video shoots and Using real photos of your people and your brand.
Organizing a library of digital assets (photos) on Dropbox
Using PLANOLY to organize your Instagram feed.


Using stock image banks like Unsplash and Pexels for only 20% of your branded content.
Using your email signature to display your brand.
Sending a weekly newsletter with educational content.

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Whenever I’m stuck, I use the Stop. Start. Continue exercise. It’s a great tool to help me refocus and gain traction!

Please share what insights you’ve gleaned from doing this valuable exercise! I’d love to hear from you!

” You are the star in starting over & over.”


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