The 2023 Magical Mindful Planner

Well, that was quick!

We’re already at the end of January and (if you’re thinking to yourself: where the heck did the month go?) remember it’s not too late to plan!

Planning your year (even in uncertain times) is a keystone habit.

A keystone habit is a habit that leads to better habits.

Planning intentionally will help you reflect on the highlights and hurdles of the past year.

One way to plan is to download my 2023 Mindful Year Planner!

There are two ways to dive in:

– at least two hours of time to reflect – at least one hour to plan
– a calendar of the past year
– a printed version of this workbook
– kindness to yourself
– vulnerability and truthfulness

– a group of like-minded friends
– at least three hours of time to allow for sharing
– a calendar of the past year
– a printed version of this workbook
– kindness to yourself and others
– vulnerability and truthfulness

By reflecting and learning from the past you can plan your future in a way that you don’t repeat the same behaviors that are holding you back and instead focus on tactics that will allow you to reach your goals.

Planning is a gift to you!

Let me know what you’re up to!

Or how I can help you reach your entrepreneurial goals!


Happy Planning!



I’ll be speaking at California State University, Northridge Artpreneurship Bootcamp on How to Build a Great Culture and Purpose-Driven Business.


I was so thrilled to speak at the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Los Angeles!

I shared ways on how to set goals and plan for the year!

Remember, it’s one thing to set a goal, but to make it happen you need to write it down the SMART way. Make sure your goals are:


What’s one goal you want to accomplish in 2023?



Laurie Shiers is the founder of Brainchild Coaching. While working as a copywriter for ad agencies, Laurie longed to create a bigger impact on people one-on-one.

As a lover of the creative process, Laurie wanted to help people use creativity in their businesses and improve their lives.

Listen in as Laurie shares insight on bringing mindfulness and creativity together. She shares tips and tricks on incorporating mindfulness, breaking through emotional blocks, and improving your business through creativity.


Have you ever felt stuck creatively?

Creative Block was born to help you lighten up and make a game out of changing your mind. By introducing dynamic ideas and new ways of thinking, your usual patterns get disrupted. Your mind gets a little bendy, allowing fresh possibilities to emerge.