The Other Side

The Other Side

I recently learned a new word from one of the most influential modern teachers of spirituality — Pema Chödrön.


It’s a Sanskrit word – that means actions that take us to the other side, to the other shore to greater ease, compassion, and fulfillment

As entrepreneurs, we often stand on the bank of a river, with all of our worries of cash flow, confusion about the market and economy, and unfulfillment.

Yet across the water, we see those entrepreneurs who have found purpose, prosperity, harmonious relationships, a sense of ease, wisdom, and clarity.

How the heck do we get there?

To help us make that journey to the other side, the Buddha offered the six paramitas – the keys that unlock our true nature.

The Six Paramitas

The six transcendent tools are:

Generosity, discipline, patience, joyful enthusiasm, meditation, and wisdom.

When you use the six paramitas you move out of self-absorption/isolation and into loving connection, from uneasiness to ease, and from fear to flourishing.

As an entrepreneur, we may tell ourselves that once our businesses get on track– and have a better sense of security–then we’ll be able to focus on our greater purpose here.

Is this really true?

What if it’s not the life we wished we had, but the one we currently have, that holds what we need to reach our highest potential?

Perhaps it’s not about getting to the other side.

Perhaps it’s the journey, the crossing that leads to fulfillment.


“This very moment is the perfect teacher.”

Pema reminds us that we need to start where we are

Embracing the six paramitas is a process – towards growth for not only yourself but others.

Are there ways you can use these six tools in your daily life?

Do share! I’d love to hear from you!

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Journey to Fulfillment: Six Keys for Opening to Life

We may tell ourselves that once our lives get on track – with a good career, a loving partner, and a better sense of security – then we’ll be able to focus on our greater purpose here. Deep down, many of us have felt this way. But is this really true?

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