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Two Stories

The phrase “meanwhile, back at the ranch” often points to two parallel stories happening at the same time.

It’s a classic literary device that can shift focus from one scene to another. In the world of branding, it’s no different. There are always multiple facets at play simultaneously, and striking a balance between them is key.

Let’s explore two key stories that intertwine to create a successful brand: the visible brand and the hidden details.

Story 1: The Visible Brand

  1. Brand Colors
    Wearing your brand colors while speaking at events isn’t just about aesthetics; it visually embodies your brand. How are you representing your brand’s visual identity?
  2. Website Details
    From your 404 error page to sitemap.xml, your website is a living extension of your brand. How are these details contributing to a seamless user experience?
  3. Online Presence
    What people find when they search your name online must align with your brand. How are you controlling your online image?

Story 2: The Hidden Details

  1. Email Tone
    Your email tone should resonate with your brand’s voice. It’s not just communication; it’s an expression of your brand’s character. What tone are you setting?
  2. Email Signature
    Beyond contact information, your email signature leaves an imprint with every message. How are you making it impactful?
  3. Voice Mail
    Include your website URL in your voicemail message. It’s more than a courtesy; it’s a branding opportunity. What message are you conveying?

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here’s to embracing both tales of your brand and weaving them into a resonant and authentic whole!

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