Wild Mind, Disciplined Eye

Wild Mind, Disciplined Eye

January is International Creativity Month!

A great time to explore your wild mind and a disciplined eye – to try something fresh with your brand.

Be that simple or elaborate, try exploring new ideas and platforms to keep your brand fresh, relevant, and engaging!

You also don’t need to be curious just in January, establish one creative habit throughout the year.

Take a field trip to a museum in Feb., take the scenic route to/from a destination in March, let poetry pique your interest in April (National Poetry Month).

Check out more ideas in our 2022 Celebrations Observances Downloadable Calendar below 👇

And if you need a brainstorming buddy, contact me!

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Wild Mind

My Gift to You!


kalika 2022 calendar

Download this super fun and useful holiday, celebrations, and observances calendar, which can help you creatively plan your marketing and/or social media content each month!



Calm, Clarity & Resilience

EO Wonder Podcast

Natalie Bell is the founder of Mindful Wellness, a coaching platform that uses meditation, mindfulness, and compassion training to help manage stress, develop strong personal resilience, and create authentic leadership.


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They can do that by first figuring out who they are and how they show up in the world.

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Little Brand Book and Cherise Bangs!

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