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I was thrilled to be the kick-off speaker for the Cal State University (CSUN) Northridge Design Bootcamp earlier this week.

One of the students asked me, “What are the three skills a designer should have?”

A designer is a problem solver. In order to be a problem solver you need these three top skills:

1) Practice mindfulness.  Practice the ability to observe yourself and others non judgementally.
2) Get organized. There’s external order in the universe, thus there must be internal order in everything you do. Once you have ordered, you can flourish in creativity.
3) Be willing.  Be willing to explore. Be willing to change your mind. Be willing to change course if the design isn’t what you want to do. Life isn’t a straight line.

What advice would you give to problem solvers?

Do share! I’d love to hear from you!


I was on the Unprofessional Podcast!

Do you find yourself with multiple interests and passions but feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Does owning multiple businesses excite you but seem unrealistic? Today’s guest will demystify those beliefs and help you understand the key to thriving in multiple arenas.

EVENT: Filipino American Chamber of Commerce

I was thrilled to be one of the keynote speakers at the
Tea & Treasures with Filipina women entrepreneurs.

One of the women asked me, “How do I get out of the rat race?”

“First of all, you’re not a rat and you’re not in a race. You’re an extraordinary human being who is here to provide your unique contribution to the world. Remember that. Remember who you are.”

Salamat Celeste Rose & Lois Klavir, President of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce!

CSUN Design Bootcamp

Speaking at the Cal State University (CSUN) Northridge Design Bootcamp earlier this week.
Thank you, Professor Bautista!

I signed up for the Heart of Awareness Six-Day Silent Retreat which is happening a few days after Thanksgiving Nov 27-Dec 2, 2022!

There are a few spots open! I hope you can join me In noble silence, guided sitting and walking meditations, evening talks, and Qi Gong/Tai Chi practice.